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Which vaccine prevents cancer?

General Queries

Are kidney stones treatable?

General Queries

What is Anemia and how to identify it?


I’ve had this wet cough and trouble breathing lately

Public Health

My Pet Dog bit me , should I still get vaccinated?


My mood is always low, can I fix it?


It has been a while and my child is not feeding well

Otolaryngology (ENT)

My ears are blocked and I have this annoying pain


I cannot sleep properly because of my back ache


I have blurred vision since many months


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Everyone is loving Tap Health

Struggling with irregular periods and weight gain, I hesitated to see a doctor. Tap Health App identified my PCOS, connected me with a gynaecologist for confirmation, and I began timely treatment.

Vanitha S, Mangalore

I was having recurrent ulcers in my mouth. Out of curiosity, I check on Tap Health. The AI symptom analyzer flagged concerns and asked me to see a doctor. I had oral cancer. Wish I had used it earlier.

Thomas, Hyderabad

My mother was getting forgetful. Tap Health not only diagnosed her symptoms as dementia but also connected us with a great doctor in Kochi. I have been recommending Tap Health to everyone.

Santhosh K, Kochi

Tap Health educates. I could understand my illness better, empowering me to have meaningful conversations with my doctor.

Selvi, Chennai

My parents, living in a remote town of Jharkhand, use Tap Health for preliminary health checks. It helps them decide whether a visit to the city for medical consultation is necessary.

Mahesh D, Chirkunda

I was not sure about my symptoms. Tap Health helped me gauge if it was something serious or not, saving unnecessary trips to the doctor.

Subu K, Hyderabad

Discussing intimate concerns with a male doctor in a small town can be challenging. I felt more comfortable addressing my gynecological questions on Tap Health.

Seema M, Puttur

I wanted a second opinion about my persistent cough. Tap Health’s accurate diagnosis matched with my local doctor’s advice. As I was better informed, I felt more confident about my health decisions.

Anirudh D, Kolkata

Explaining symptoms in my native language (Gujarati) was a game-changer in Bhuj. Tap Health understands even the local nuances, making it accessible for everyone.

Aarti D, Junagarh

Healthcare in rural areas is limited. Tap Health’s vernacular support made it easy for my parents to understand their symptoms and take informed actions.

Ajmul R, Darbhanga

The Medical Community recommends Tap Health

in Every Tap

Unmatched Diagnosis Precision

Tap Health can identify 1600+ illnesses precisely, empowering you with reliable preliminary diagnoses for informed health decisions.

Rigorous Clinical Validation

Our Symptom Analyser is not just a tech marvel; it's a clinically validated tool. We collaborated with hundreds of doctors to build and test it.


Your personal information and data remain confidential and anonymised. Being privacy-first ensures accurate diagnoses without compromising security.

Expert Medical Board

We are backed by seasoned doctors and specialists, who actively contribute to the development and validation of our platform.

Data-Driven Accuracy

Our strength lies in data. We learn from every interaction, analyzing vast datasets to enhance diagnosis accuracy through refined algorithms.

The Most Advanced Health AI Built for Bharat.

It's simple to use. We do all the hard work so that you don't have to.

Voice-First Interface

We love to speak! Just talk to it like you would talk to your doctor. We've spent thousands of hours researching how patients speak.

Intelligent AI

We are super smart! Our AI knows everything about medicine and health.

Zero typing experience

We hate typing too! Thats why we have built a complete tap-tap experience thats easy to use!

Results under 2 mins

We hate to wait too! Based on your symptoms and answers, get a preliminary diagnosis in less than a couple of minutes.

Early diagnosis matters

Recognizing the signs of illness and seeking prompt medical attention can make a significant difference in your well-being. Tap Health is a free medical care 24x7.

Timely Intervention Intervention

Early diagnosis means timely treatment, improving chances of success. Catching health issues early allows doctors to apply effective strategies for management or cure.

Improved Treatment Outcomes

Many health conditions, including chronic diseases, respond better when detected early. With Tap Health's AI, get quick symptom insights to take proactive steps for better health.

Preventing Disease Progression

Certain illnesses can progress rapidly if left undiagnosed. Early detection provides the opportunity to reduce the severity of symptoms and potential complications.

Cost-Effective Healthcare

Early diagnosis often leads to less invasive and more cost-effective treatment. Tap Health helps address concerns before they escalate, potentially avoiding expensive medical procedures.

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Got Questions? We've Got Answers.

While Tap Health provides initial guidance, it is not a substitute for emergency services. In emergencies, please seek immediate medical attention.

 Tap Health values user feedback. You can provide feedback or report issues through the app’s dedicated channels or customer support.

Yes, Tap Health is available for download on both iOS and Android platforms, ensuring accessibility for a wide range of users.

Tap Health offers both free and premium services. While basic features are free, premium services may involve subscription fees.

Tap Health caters to family health needs, offering services for remote elderly care, pediatric concerns, and comprehensive health management.

 Certainly. Tap Health addresses mental health by providing insights and connecting users with relevant specialists.

Yes, Tap Health is designed to bridge the healthcare gap in rural areas by offering vernacular language support and preliminary health checks.

Absolutely. Tap Health prioritizes user privacy, ensuring that personal information is kept confidential with a privacy-first approach.

Yes, after the Symptom Analyzer, users have the option to connect with top doctors for expert advice and personalized healthcare guidance.

Tap Health’s Symptom Analyzer is highly accurate, identifying over 1600+ illnesses. It undergoes rigorous clinical validation to ensure reliability.

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